Theme Talk : Class – 1 . . . @APSPTP

We Adityans (APSPTP) feeling so glad to share that we have designed the second spell of Theme Talk on 04-02-2017 in a very exciting manner. The sparkling stars of 1.std have exhibited their speaking skills in impeccable manner. The Theme is “My family tree” which was just like thought provoking about the relationships and bonding among the family members. In the present scenario it is important to relationships among family members and nurtured in the minds of the children right from their budding stage . . . So that they can enjoy the fragrance of bonding which is very vital in our lives.

In this connection our buddies have given a very effective and unique presentation. They have showcased their talents in abacus too. Not only this they have made the programme much lively with their melodious rhymes. Our tiny tots with their extraordinary performance has gained good appreciation from the parents keeping up the good name of the school.

DSCN6315 DSCN6318 DSCN6320 DSCN6322 DSCN6324 DSCN6330 DSCN6332 DSCN6341 DSCN6343 DSCN6358 DSCN6362 DSCN6374 DSCN6382 DSCN6402 DSCN6418 DSCN6424 DSCN6427 DSCN6430 DSCN6434 DSCN6437 DSCN6444 DSCN6457 DSCN6461 DSCN6473 DSCN6479 DSCN6512 DSCN6521 DSCN6532 DSCN6534 DSCN6541 DSCN6544 DSCN6552 DSCN6557 DSCN6564 DSCN6569 DSCN6581 DSCN6622

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