RAMZAN Celebrations have been celebrated at our school jkpur in a devotional manner. The whole school have connected to the eve of Ramzan. Some of the muslim children have come up with Khuran Prayers, suras , khawalis. They expressed the significance of Ramzan, and importance of fasting in this holy month which depicts the charity, sharing , caring, love, affection, and brotherhood. One of the staff members gave the massage of Ramzan in the name Allah. The team of ‘Triumph’ Aslam and Arif took an active role and performed Kashmiri Khawalis and traditional hymns.   The songs, kalimas and Duva admired and stole the hearts of everyone who gathered. Principal Smt. B. Supraja Rani Showered the Ramzan greetings in Urdu and asked everyone to show mercy to the poor and help the needy. Muslim staff have been offered token of gratitude. The entire program has been supervised and guided under the exuberant guidelines of our principal madam.

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