5th September of 2017 snatched many memorable moments in the Teacher’s day celebrations held in Aidtya, Srinagar campus in the presence of the founder Chairman of Aditya Educational Institutions Sri. N. Sesha Reddy. In this connection the students of Hiranya Garbha (IX) & Bhaskara (X) Groups are specially appreciated for the heartfelt felicitation program which was arranged by them to the teachers of class X as well as the senior most members of Aditya personnel. Teachers honoured on this occasion blessed the children, and wished them all the best for their future endeavours.

Senior Most Staff : Smt. J. Phani Bala (29 years), Sri. V. Rambabu (27 years), Smt. P. Radha (16 years), Smt. K. Hima Bindu (12 years), Smt. Rahanathunnisa Begum (12 years)

                                                                                                       X CLASS DEALING TEACHERS

Department of Telugu: Smt. K. Durga Devi (30 years), Smt. BH. Surya Kumari (11 years), Smt. K. UmaRani,

                                                  Sri. P. Phanindra Srinivas,  Sri. B. Bhanu Prakash.

Department of Hindi :   Smt. I. Varalakshmi (20 years), Sri. G. Lakshmi Prasad, Sri. P. Srinivas Rao.

Department of English : Sri. M. Siva Sankar (15 years), Sri. M. Rambabu (9 years), Smt. Fathima Aziza, Smt. M. Rosee.

Department of Mathematics: Sri. A.G.R. Pantulu (25  years), Sri. A.V.G.N. Sai (17 years), Sri. K.U. Maheswara Rao (12 years),

                                                                Smt. M.I. Priya Sudha.

Department of Physical Science : Sri.V.H.L. Srinivas, Sri. S.V.V. Ramakrishna(9 years), Sri.R.Satyanarayana,

                                                                        Smt. R.Sree Lakshmi (8 years) Sri. B. Kiran Kumar, Sri. S.V.Narayana Raju.

Department of Biological Science : Sri. V.L.N. Venugopal (13 years), Sri. V.V.Narasimha Rao (16 years), Smt. G. Hymavathi.

Department of Social Studies : Sri. S. Ramakrishna Rao (27 years), Sri. M. Soma Raju (9 years), Sri. A.V. Raju,

                                                                    Smt B. Vasundara Devi.

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