Sankranthi Sambaralu@apsamp

Festival Celebrations bring to the forefront our culture and traditions. The joyous time is spent with gathering of family and friends. Various rituals signifly the regional flavour.Sankranrhi/ Pongal the harvest festival is celebrated in a pompous way with people of different ages Participating in Gobbammalu, Bhogimnantalu, Bhoghipallu, Rangoli, Bommala koluvu, Prabhalu, Gangireddulu. These were well reflected in our campus celebrations. Ladies were invited to Participate in various activities and Competitions. Enthusiasm of the women was immense in all the events like sankranthi Lakshmi, Dance, Rangoli and 1minute games were a hit. Food Court attracted with varied delicacies of traditional food. Prizes were distributed to the winners.
The Principal said that the amount collected would be donated to the Charity. These Celebrations will make the new generations accustom to our heritage and values of respecting nature, plants and animals.








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