The seedlings and saplings of Primary & High school celebrated teachers day in the  garden of JKpur in a flourish and fantastic way in the presence of Director Smt.N. Shruthi Reddy Madam. The students of Std. X took an exclusive role in this joyful and cheerful occasion and led the program melodiously. The event began with a special prayer and a short speech on the significance of the day how Mr. Radha Krishnan ensured that his birthday is dedicated to teachers. Teachers were greeted with different gifts, and handmade greeting cards and many more innovative impressions. Some of the girl students arranged a board of Autograph for the teachers and they had written some of the best qualities in them. The thought provoking  skit ‘The value of teacher’ by X class boys was amazing and depicted the hurdles, hardship, humane of gurus in the contemporary society, ignited and enlightened the young minds. The students divided the teachers into groups and conducted funny competitions for the teachers which made the rest of children enjoyed as heart content. 

On this special occasion Shruthi Madam elevated the term TEACHER in a heart touching manner and wished everyone with glorious greetings. Principal Smt.B.Supraja Rani added flavor to the significance of the day and encouraged the Gurus with her abundant talk. The mentors of the  event  Std. X students showed gratitude in an innovative way by presenting ‘indoor – Aralias plant’ to the Gurus and took blessings from them.  The whole day packed with full josh, fun and entertainment which is a sumptuous feast to the teacher and taught. 












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