Scintillating Children’s Day Celebrations at Aditya School

Scintillating Children’s Day Celebrations at Aditya School

Pithapuram, 14th Nov, 2018: Aditya School Organized the children’s day celebrations in Pithapuram campus one day prior. The programme continued even on 14th Nov, 2018. The programme started with prayer followed by garlanding the portrait of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru various programmes like mimicry, magic and ventriloquism etc are conducted by school management to make the children happy.

            The Students delivered the speeches about the significance and the importance of children’s day. The prizes are distributed for the children those who won in various games and sports like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Balloon – Bursting etc. The former teacher of Priyadarsini school named Seshukumari garu gave away the meritorious prizes to the toppers of Academics in memory of her late son Ch. Phani Kumar.                                       The students of VIII and IX classes proved their special talent in playing keyboard, Rhythm pads and musical drums. Even in knowledge aspects, the students showed their ability in telling all countries, capitals and currencies, various elements of periodic table etc.

                The school campus echoed with the cheerful sounds of children. Then the high school students preformed in cultural programmes like songs and dances etc. Finally the programme is ended up with vote of thanks.

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