"Our vision is to generate new forensic scientists and reduce the pendency of cases & Quick Justice through science."

The Forensic Science course addresses the growing national and regional demand for trained forensic scientists and experts. We develop scientific skills and wide knowledge to students through multidisciplinary subject of forensic science.

Creating actual environment of forensics and providing righteous path in the field of forensics, that is., justice through Science. We fill the gap between the Forensic experts and investigation practices by giving the quality forensic education in India. The course will provide open, welcoming, creative and adaptable teaching and innovating environments for students, staff and faculty. The B.Sc. Forensic Science course provides a solid foundation for students who are looking for bright career in Forensic Science.

The college is committed to creating and maintaining a community in which students, faculty and staff can work together in an environment free of discrimination, harassment or any other artificial barriers to individual success and fulfillment. Each individual is affiliated with the college bears a responsibility to adhere to the policy of equal opportunity and to promote affirmative action efforts.

Employment position
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Forensic Expert
  • Handwriting Expert
  • Fingerprint Expert
  • Crime Scene Officer
  • Forensic Faculty
  • Forensic Consultant
  • Forensic Detective Agent, etc.
Guest Faculty
  • Experts/Scientist from CFSL, SFSL
  • Professors from GFSU, NICFS
  • Officers from Clues Team
  • Officers from Various Police Organisations like
  • SVPNPA, State Police Academies
  • Scientist from CCMB
  • Scientist from IICT, etc
Employment areas
  • Central Forensic Sciences Labs (CFSL)
  • State Forensic Sciences Labs (SFSL)
  • Central detective training school (CDTS)
  • Intelligence Bureau (IB)
  • Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
  • Police Academies
  • Judicial Academies
  • Banks
  • Universities
  • Private Detective Agencies
Services offered as Consultancy
  • Questioned Documents
  • Handwriting Examination
  • Fingerprint Examination
  • Biological Evidence
  • DNA related issues
  • Paint Analysis and Comparison
  • Glass Analysis
  • Examination of Footwear and Tire Tracks
  • Soil Analysis
  • Fiber and Clothing Analysis
  • Latent Fingerprint Examination
  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
  • All India Police Duty Meet etc.