Doing the right things and doing them right
I am a direct beneficiary of Aditya Group’s education philosophy and values as I began my schooling and graduated from here.

My Masters Degree from UTS Australia, the best university in the continent, has given me deeper understanding and insight into the education system, and inspired by its ideology and practical approach, I have taken the onus of steering Aditya Group on the path of success with focus on holistic development of students.

The efforts that begin at the tender age of three in a student’s life and go on till the post-graduation will pay off only if the student succeeds in securing the right employment.

Aditya’s focus is firmly fixed on securing the right kind of employment opportunities for its students.This focus has helped us in securing placement associations with many nationally and internationally reputed corporations to visit our various campuses and hold recruitment drives to select the best from the vast pool of talent from them.

To enable our students become employable and compete in the ever dynamic employment scenario, we conduct various co-curricular activities that challenge the latent talents in students and bring them to the fore, such as our technical fest “Veda” and youth fest”Colors”.

We, at Aditya provide the perfect launch pad for our students to launch them, fully equipped into the sky of opportunities.