Sri N.K.Deepak Reddy, Secretary

Arm the right to help them aim high

With the advent of Information Technology, the world has become one globalized entity, its countries and continents fused, forming one huge communictions hub. This revolutionary change has encouraged many multi-national corporations to set up shop in countries across the world and carry out their operations seamlessly across timelines, cultures and languages.

In the midst of such gargantuan positive tidings, India is being looked upon as a very competitive contender to fill the vast trough of employment opportunities with its eclectic and industrious student base. Naturally, it is the need of the hour to equip our students with the best of knowledge and skills in order to live up to the expected standards of the corporations.

Owing to my education in one of the best schools of India, the Good Shepherd School, Ooty, and the exposure I gained there, especially in the field of Information Technology, I am fully aware of the ever increasing demands for competent and tech savvy individuals who can take the challenges in the Corporate Wold head on.

This was the strongest reason for me to use my education, experience and conviction to bring in the concept of “Soft Skill Development “ for the best advantage of our students at Aditya. Knowledge in their respective subjects alone will not ensure employment for the student. In today’s cut-throat competitive world, soft skills such as Communication skills, Group Discussions, Goal setting, Positive thinking, Inter and Intra personal skills, Leadership and Team Management Skills play a pivotal role in securing employment and scaling the heights of professional success.

It is our aim to enable our students to continuously evolve, and become world class professionals to attain the highest positions in the corporate world.