Human Performance Laboratory

1 Stop Watches (Electronic measuring time up to 1/100th of a second) 1
2 B.P. Apparatuses (Sphygmomanometers & Stethoscope) 1
3 Wall Thermometer & Barometer 2

Anatomy Physiology & Health Education Laboratory

1 Heamoglobinemeter Ahab's 1
2 Weighing machine personal 1
3 Human body system chart 1
4 Digestive system chart 1
5 Re-Productive system chart 1
6 Food Nutrient chart 1
7 Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases chart 1
8 Road safety Devices chart 1
9 First aid box 1

About Us

The Aditya Academy, under the auspices of Sri.N.Sesha Reddy, Founder and Honorary chairman, established Aditya College of Physical Education in the year 2013 with the noble purpose of imparting professional education to the students of rural area. Aditya is premier Education Society in East Godavari District and wished to widen its operation. In addition to the existing B.Ed.,T.P.T & H.P.T . Colleges.

The Aditya College of Physical Education is spread over 8.58 acres of land surrounded by lush green paddy fields. It has an excellent accommodation with impressive infrastructure such as spacious and well furnished classrooms, fully equipped Labs for Anatomy, Physiology, ICT and also having Gymnasium with and play field of 18,243 Sq.mtrs.

The College has Ample scope for further expansion through construction of new buildings and introduction of new courses.