Hostel Facility


Comfortable, offering personal care in hygienic conditions, individual grooming and counseling, the hostels at Aditya have all the features the make them home away from home for hundreds of residents from across the country and foreign countries. Aditya provides a separate hostel facility for boys and girls each with all the modern facilities, for boarding and other recreational activities.

They are aesthetically designed with marble flooring, spacious rooms with individual wardrobes, attached washrooms and offer natural ventilation in abundance and lush green landscaped surroundings. Bothe the boys and girls hostel are located on the campus and are very close to the academic complex. Each hostel block is supervised by a resident warden who closely monitors the activities of students and addresses their needs. With students from various states and countries the hostels truly reflect cultural diversity which gives an opportunity for students to improve their interpersonal communication skills.


  •  Fully equipped gym
  •  Separate courts for Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey and Badminton
  •  An exclusive library with digital and multimedia facility, newspapers, magazines, journals, books related to academics and competitive exams like GRE, GATE etc.
  •  Resident faculty who addresses the personal and academic needs of students in their respective blocks
  •  Large dining halls and a myriad of options in food keeping in view the various cultural backgrounds of the students
  •  Solar water heating systems in each hostel for hot water
  •  Water coolers in every block
  •  Tie-ups with multispecialty hospitals which provide adequate health facilities to students
  •  Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity
  •  Banking facility with 5 ATMs is available to the students for money transactions

The Hostel Environment certainly provides self-confidence, instills discipline in the minds of students and also provides scope for developing their ideas for harmonious and communal living without Nostalgia; these attributes enable them to share the joys of friendship. senior students have been trained to be more responsible and thus set good examples for the juniors.



Kakinada Campus Kakinada

  • Aditya Juniour College
    Phone: 0884-2346664
    Mobile: 9573576667

    Girls Campus
    Mobile: 9618176663

    IIT Campus
    Mobile: 7702276662

    CA Academy
    Mobile: 9963376665">Kakinada

Rajamahendravaram Campus Rajamahendravaram

  • Aditya Juniour College
    Phone: 0883-2443743
    Mobile: 9963376664

Amalapuram Campus Amalapuram

  • Aditya Juniour College
    Main Road
    Phone: 08856-236763
    Mobile: 9963276662

Mandapeta Campus Mandapeta

  • Aditya Juniour College
    Ravalapalem Road
    Phone: 08855-233001,235333
    Mobile: 9963376660

Bhimavaram Campus Bhimavaram

  • Aditya Juniour College
    Komarada Road
    Bhimavaram Mandal
    Phone: 08816-223587
    Mobile: 9866076670

Palakollu Campus Palakollu

  • Aditya Juniour College
    Brodi Peta
    Phone: 08814-222455,221648
    Mobile: 9989976661

Tadepalligudem Campus Tadepalligudem

  • Aditya Juniour College
    Subbarao Peta
    Phone: 08818-226464
    Mobile: 9963276668

Narasapuram Campus Narasapuram

  • Aditya Juniour College
    Phone: 08814-276669
    Mobile: 9701576661

Eluru Campus Eluru

  • Aditya Juniour College
    Satrampadu Center
    Mobile: 7997076664

Srikakulam Campus Srikakulam

  • Aditya Juniour College
    Mobile: 9989276663