With great powers comes great responsibility, this adage is my favourite line indeed for it succinctly puts across what educational institutions ought to do. And for an educational institution as mighty as Aditya, some serious responsibility lies on the shoulders for we not just mould careers but lives of individuals. There are great instances and cases where students join at the KG level and leave us only at the PG level, so they technically spend two decades trusting and believing brand Aditya. I am proud to say that we at Aditya, have always realized this and have performed our duties with utmost care and interest. Good words spread in a jiffy and certainly has been the case with us, for our campuses have been thronged by students and aspirants not just from our vicinity but other states too. With every passing day, responsibilities, expectations and demand has been increasing multifold and so has been our performance. Every single academic year, we have been making stupendous commencements both in results and introduction of new courses, thus pushing the envelope beyond our own imaginations. We have reached a phase, where the greatest challenge is ourselves and each time, we just want to get better.