Play Fields

Play Ground 1 Length : 150 meters, Breadth : 75 meters
Play Ground 2 Length : 140 meters, Breadth : 90 meters

1Volley ball courts2
2Throw ball court1
3Basket ball court1
4Kabaddi Court1
5Long Jump & Tripple Jump pit1
6High jump pit1
7200 mts. Track events (100,200,400 & Relay's)1
8Foot Ball and Hockey2
9Cricket Field1
10Cricket bowling and batting nets3
11Kabaddi Courts2
12Kho-Kho courts 2
13Ball Badminton courts2
14Tenny Koit Courts2
15Hand ball court1
16Shot put circle1
17Discuss circle1
18Javellin throw1
20Shuttle Badminton courts Indoor2
21Table Tennis boards (Gym)2
22Billiards boards1