About Aditya


Owing to non-availability of competent guidance locally to face the employment oriented competitive examinations, during 80’s the students are forced to go to distant places for coaching. Though the students are intelligent many of them discarded the idea of undergoing coaching at a distant place, in view of their inability to meet the financial burden. In the above context, sharing the concern of the students, Aditya established a College of Competitive Examinations at Kakinada, which is first of its kind, in the Coastal Districts. A team of experts from State level are recruited and an exhaustive study material is prepared to churn the syllabus from the grass root level.

Though the subjects appear to be very easy, the approach to prepare for the examination plays a pivotal role. Assimilation of the subject adoption of shortcuts and regular practice of the subject, help for increase in speed and accuracy.

The coaching given to the students is consistently and constantly delivering excellent results. Thousands of students who were trained by Aditya got appointments in Central & State Governments Banks and other Public Sector undertakings with the encouragement given Aditya has stretched its wings to Rajahmundry, Palakol and Visakhapatnam.


Now, a days both Central and State Governments are conducting heavy recruitment. A boom in recruitment for Bank will continue for at least another 5 year period as they are planning to fill up the vacancies likely to be cropped up on account of retirement of senior staff. The doors are wide opened to appoint a good number of Probationary Officers in all Nationalized Banks besides strengthening the net-work of clerical wing with thousands of additional staff. Coaching is being given for aspirants of P.Os and Clerks in SBI and other Naitonalised Banks.