Sri.N.SESHA REDDY - Chairman

"Student is not a vase to fill; but is a fire to be lit."

A collective human intellect in the form of our professional faculty, supporting colleagues, well wishers, and my own well-knit family members takes the credit as a whole for the stature of ADITYA.

So came into existence ADITYA. To-day ADITYA stands tall in coastal districts - with technical education, pharmacy education, management education and teachers education, and a host of other domains, with 50 Educational Institutions, 5,000 employees, 50,000 students. Development has been consistent because we never took the middle ground - uncompromised all the way in providing infrastructure, dedicated teaching faculty and policy that blends with the changing needs. It will be so with the Aditya Degree College at full throttle all the way.

Parents sacrifice all their bare personal needs to educate their children - what do they expect in return? Nothing short of a well disciplined education and career growth of their children in multiple proportions - thus we account for each rupee they spend. ADITYA has been, is and always will be in their service.

I wish you all the best.
N. Sesha Reddy