Adobe Creative Technology

Aditya Engineering College

South India’s First Adobe Creative Technology Academy (ACTA) was started at Aditya Engineering College.


Encourage higher education Institutions & Universities to implement & integrate a complete digital media program (including software tools, curriculum, training, and certification) in their curriculum.

Equip educators with skills to use Adobe software to enhance teaching and learning experience, with certification.

Enable higher education Institutions & Universities to differentiate them from other institutes, with the use of Adobe brand “Adobe Creative Technology Academy (ACTA)”.


Once the higher education institution is accepted and approved into the ACTA program, the institution receives:

Permission to use the ‘Adobe Creative Technology Academy’ logo on its website & other related promotional activities for one year from the date of sign up. Upon completion of one year, the institute will need to re-qualify for this program.

The ACTA approved institute would receive ACTA branded display material such as plaque and certificate.