Student Clubs

Student clubs develop the exceptional talents of students by guiding the particular interest along with creating a good working environment.
Multiple clubs are initiated to support the hidden talents of the students.

WebApps Club

“Encourages students to design Web applications and software. Students work on Web Development, Android, Hacking, Networking and VR Gaming.
Startups of WebApps Club: Chameleon Group, Frescom Interactive, Otbet It Solutions”

Automobile Club

Works with vehicles where students design, manufacture and fabricate new vehicles.
Startups of Automobile Club: Megatron Innovations

Events Club

Students who are rich in skills like organizing, managing, writing, marketing and communication participate in this club by blogging and social marketing using technology.

Robotics Club

Students work on the automation of things like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and the Internet of Things.
Projects Developed: Home Automation, Basic Line Followers without Micro Controllers, Methane Detector Drone, Smart Dustbin

Media Club

Unique talents in students like dancing, singing, and acting are encouraged.

Cultural_Club_AdityaCultural Club

Students who are interested in capturing the real world into our cameras.
Startups of Cultural Club: Jocular Entertainments