Crime Scene Simulation

Indoor & Outdoor Crime scenes are simulated in the college and campus grounds as part of the practicals. Very possible Physical evidence will be exhibited and realistic experience will be given to the students by superior guidance of processing a crime scene. Precise procedures will be followed for Crime scene photography, Sketching techniques, Documentation of crime scene and search methods will be taught to our students. Same sort of activities will be conducted as part of their final practical examinations where the natural talent of the student will be evaluated.

We are very excellent in offering practical exposure to our students which is not observed in any of other forensic institutes. Our students here visit the real time crime scenes to assist the CLUES teams and Regional Police Officers. Students participate in assistance of police officers by Handling, Lifting, Packaging, Photographing, and Documentation of Crime Scene. Once in a week, if any crime occurs within 100km radius of the college, 10 students will be called to visit the crime scene by the regional police stations. Hence, we are having a great foundation on criminological aspects of the subject.