Forensic Laboratories

Forensic Documents Examination Lab

VSC- Video Spectral Comparator:

Aditya has imported the equipment Regula 4305DMH- VSC- Video Spectral Comparator from Belarus, Europe. It is very much useful to the career of young forensic scientists. This equipment is not available in many central, state forensic science laboratories in the country.

Utility of the VSC:

  • Examination of counterfeit currency
  • Examination of Fake cheques, Fake Passports, Fake Visas etc
  • Examination of alterations. Additions or erasures in promissory notes, property documents like wills, agreements, sale deeds etc
  • Examination authenticity of education certificates such as mark sheets, TC’s. Bonafide certificates, Original degree etc.

Forensic Biology Lab

  • Kits for Blood Detection, Semen Detection, Saliva Detection, Narcotic Detection, GSR Detection etc.,

Fingerprint Lab: General Crime Scene Kit, Fingerprint Kit, Foot print kit, Different light sources for Crime Scene processing, etc.,

Forensic Chemistry Lab & Cyber Security Lab, Computer Laboratories etc.


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