Libraries are considered to be the sources of the dissemination of knowledge and information. The Library at Aditya has a rich and eclectic collection of more than 1035 volumes of advanced text in Forensic Sciences and reference books comprising of 182 titles exclusively of Forensic science which proves to be highly beneficial to both the students and the faculty for the augmentation of their knowledge. It is fully computerised and all its functions and operations are controlled through the network of computer system with the help of library software. The library has a collection of large number of volumes of books, periodicals, journals, magazines in the relevant subject areas and national newspapers. The library also provides book-bank facility to both the faculty and the students of the college. To complement class room teaching with E-Learning, the library has computing facility comprising 13 PCs with internet access. With the help of the digital library, students are able to embark on interdisciplinary projects in diverse areas of study. With the skill based learning, students build a deeper correlation of theoretical knowledge with practical exposure.

In view of the growing importance of automation, the library has purchased the Auto Lib software to provide the best possible service to the users. The various library operations such as acquisition, issues, cataloguing and serial control are all automated.

Museum @Library:

The Library also comprises of a Small Museum set up which depicts various divisions of Forensic Science Laboratories. The exhibits presented in the museum signifies various physical evidences like Ammunition, Firearms, other weapons, Anthropological specimens of human skeleton, Tool mark impressions, collections of various biological evidences etc., makes the understanding of forensic science much simpler to the beginners and visitors.