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Project Works

1 ABEL B BINU Extracting password from memory dump Computer Forensic
2 LAKSHMI MOUNICA BUDDIGA Implementation of White Space Steganography Computer Forensic
3 MUHAMMED SAHAL T A Cyber Security is Indeed an issue of Global Concern Computer Forensic
4 ASHIK A V Extraction of data by comparing two different steganalysis tools Computer Forensic
5 AMAL.A.S Freenet, Hornet I2P artefacts forensic analysis in windows and linux Computer Forensic
6 SREELAKSHMI SAJITH Hiding of device information while sharing mobile hot-spot using VPN tethering Computer Forensic
7 CHRISTY SAM WILSON Comparision of Data Packets in Windows Computer Forensic
8 MARADANA SANDHYA Behaviour based Malware Analysis in Android platforms Computer Forensic
9 ANISHMA ANIL.B To study of AccessData_FTK_Imager_4.2.1 for password cracking and dumpIt version 3.2 for capturing of raw files Computer Forensic
10 SAYAN DUTTA Comparision of Data Packets in Windows Computer Forensic
11 SENMON JOSEPH Analysis of different types of captchas Computer Forensic
12 VENTRAPRAGADA HARSHITHA MANI CHANDRA Facial recognition by using MATLAB Computer Forensic
1 RAHUL V V Crime Pattern Analysis of Specific Police Station Criminology
2 SHARANIA ANTHONY Criminological aspects of false beliefs in Nicobari Tribes Criminology
3 SNEHA MOHAN Juvenile Delinquency & Urbanization Criminology
4 JUTTUGA SAHITYA Investigating the factors resposible for smuggling of various goods at Kakinada and Yanam seaport. Criminology
5 ASHISH JAYAMON Complex suicide Criminology
6 CHAVVAKULA CHANDINI Notorious serial killers Criminology
7 GADIPUDI SRI VARDHANI Prostitution -community perspective Criminology
8 KEERTHANA SANTHOSH Application of forensic psychiatry in crimes Criminology
9 MANEESHA MAHENDRAN Child maltreatment and criminal behaviour:Does a maltreated child cause him/her to do crimes in their adulthood? Criminology
10 SIBIN BENZEN Statistical analysis of Criminal aspects of child sexual abuse Criminology
11 AJUSHA C BABY Statistical Analysis of crime against Women in Thrissur district Criminology
12 GARIMELLA PURNA PHANI SRI SARADHUTHI Statistical analysis of exhibits or material objects sent to FSL from Judical magistrate and Junior Civil Judge Court in Prathipadu in Time period of January to December 2019 Criminology
13 PARVATHY J S Statistical Analysis of Types of Theft Criminology
14 VEMULURI AMEESH Criminology - Criminal Behaviour Criminology
15 ANAND P J Statitical analysis of Rape in Kannur district and Male Rapist profile Criminology
16 JINJU MARIAM IMMANUEL Methods adapted for Suicide at age group of adoloscents and women in Pathanamthitta Criminology
17 PARVATHY S SURESH Statistical analysis and comparison of Homicides crime rate in Urban & Rural of Thiruvanathapuram 2015-19 Criminology
18 SRUTHY ANN JOHN Personality disorders and motives of individuals who committed homicides in Pathanamthitta District Criminology
19 JIPSA P JOJO To analyze violent or anti-social behavior of the Suspect by using Violence Risk Assessment Test Criminology
20 GEORGE KOSHY VAIDYAN Study on tendency of Patients at Deaddiction centre in Commiting Crimes Criminology
21 MADE JESSE FRED Study on Sexual offence and their responsible factors Criminology
22 PULAGALA ACHSAH NIRMALA JYOTHI A study of physical evidences send to FSL from district and session court for analysis during 2015-2019 Criminology
23 ATHUL T M To analyze the emotions of speaker from basic human speech Criminology
1 ARCHA.K.MANOJ Extraction of Diatoms from various water bodies in Kakinada region East godavari Andhra Pradesh Forensic Biology
2 TUMPARANI DAS Extraction of DNA from Bird Feathers to determine its species. Forensic Biology
3 SHIFAS FIROSE DNA Profiling from Dandruff Forensic Biology
4 ARPPITHA A Extraction of Diatoms from Clothes (Jute, Silk & Nylon) Forensic Biology
5 KARTHIKA ASOKAN Identification of Diatoms in various water resources of North Parvoor Area Forensi Biology
6 MANDANAKKA MAHITHA NIHARIKA Extraction of Diatoms from Seashore, Estuary and Hope Island, Kakinada. Forensi Biology
7 BODDEPALLI V S S UDAYNADH Identification of skin and hair samples by morphometric analysis for species identification Wildlife Forensic
8 BANDI JNANA SAI PRASAD Assessment of Wild Life In National & International Trade Wildlife Forensic
9 TIRUPATI LAKSHMI HARIKA Identification of fake illegal articles by using morphometric and DNA based analysis in wildlife forensics Wildlife Forensic
10 VALLURI LAKSHMI SOWJANYA To do Purification and Separation of DNA From Wildlife Species Wildlife Forensic
1 ANTHARA R Development of latent fingerprints on various surfaces using organic powders( tapioca powder, green gram powder, wooden ashes) Fingerprints
2 GOPIKA.B.S. Sex determination from fingerprint in thiruvananthapuram district Fingerprints
3 AKSHAY M S Application of cheiloscopy for sex determination Fingerprints
4 ALEESHA JOHN Transgender determination by fingerprint analysis and difference of transgender fingerprints with other genders Fingerprints
5 ADITHYA V S Development of latent fingerprints on various surfaces using organic powders Fingerprints
6 AMAL DAS K P Determination of Sex from Finger Print Ridge density in Malapuram city Fingerprints
7 CHANDNI BHARTI Difference between Finger Print Ridge Density of Males and Females of Patna City Fingerprints
8 ELDA RAJU Graphical Representation of Ridge Counting Fingerprints
9 RIJO K RAJAN Influence of Temperature in Development of Fingerprints by Cyanoacrylate Fuming Fingerprints
10 SREELAKSHMI M S Comparison of Lip Prints and Blood group in twins Fingerprints
11 CHANDA BHARTI Difference between Finger Print Ridge count of Males and Females of Patana City Fingerprints
12 NITHIN S Inheritance determination from fingerprint pattern Fingerprints
13 SAMEERA SABU Sex determination from footprint ridge counting in Thiruvanthapuram district Fingerprints
14 KIRUBA SHALINI Gender Determination from Footprint of Age 14,15 & 16 Fingerprints
15 SREERAG.N Palatal Rugoscopy establishing Identity Fingerprints
16 SANDRA VARGHESE Study on Inheritance of Lip Prints Fingerprints
17 SILPAMOL V K Fingerprint Development by using Organic Powders Fingerprints
18 AYANA SUNIL Determination of Sex from ridge density of palm print. Fingerprints
19 VINEESHMA M Importance of Finger length in determination of height & Gender Fingerprints
20 ANJITHA.S Determination of sex from bite marks in juveniles. Fingerprints
21 KRISHNA JAYARAJ Estimation of Stature from Fingerprints Fingerprints
22 SNEHA E S Identifying similarities in Lip print characteristics in Family members. Fingerprints
23 SWETHA P Gait pattern analysis in various types of soil Fingerprints
24 SIVAGANGA SASI To predict the height of an individual from footprint. Fingerprints
25 AKHIL K S To determine the development of latent fingerprints on nonporous surfaces Fingerprints
26 SONA SHAJAN Determination of Mental health from fingerprints Fingerprints
1 ABHISHEK M S Analysis and Comparison of similarities in Mother Tongue (Malayalam) script with English script Documents
2 GREESHMA.R Types of writing instruments mechanisms and their commonly used pens written characteristics Documents
3 MUTYALA DIVYA LAHARI Digital forensic applications in card frauds and disadvantages of RFID feature in cards Documents
4 AKASH P To process and enhance image of low quality fingerprint for getting clear ridge fingerprint by using image enhancing softwares and different image processing techniques Documents
5 HARIKRISHNAN A P Handwriting Analysis of Ambidexturous Documents
6 SAIDEVASRI KOSANA To develop the indented writings through ESDA by using different Powders Documents
7 MIDHUN SASEENDRAN To Study the Influence of Walking & Standing Activities on Normal Handwriting. Documents
8 BIBIN PHILIP BIJU To compaire charecteristics of electronic signatures and handwriting signatures Documents
9 JITHIN T GEORGE Estimation of age using Handwriting analysis in female. Documents
1 ROBIN THOMAS Detection of red ink of various brands by using TLC Forensic Chemistry
2 JIGIL G NATH Analyze the blue ink at different temperatures using TLC Forensic Chemistry
3 ADHILA.J Adulteration of soft drinks in various brands using TLC method Forensic Chemistry
4 DONA DOMINIC Detection of lead in water samples collected from Periyar river in kerala Forensic Chemistry
5 THRASIYA SEBASTAIN Study on tobacco usage in kozhikode which tribe Forensic Chemistry
6 MUHAMMED ANSIL M A review on Concequences of fuel adulturation in kerala Forensic Chemistry
1 SAMUEL JOHN SHELLON ROBERTS Identification marks or deformities on 0.173 caliber projectiles due to firing by air guns and air riffles Forensic Ballistics
2 SUNANDA VELANKHENE GADDI REDDY Identification of Smooth bore firearms(including countrymade firearms) by analysis of their projectiles with the help of comparison microscope. Forensic Ballistics
3 CLENSON DEVY Study of different types of wounds caused by different types of firearms Forensic ballistics
1 JAIBY EBEY Analysis of Cereberi Odollam by IR Spectroscopy Forensic Toxicology
2 NAGARAPU JYOTHIRMAI A study on Suicide cases due to Consumption of Pesticides Forensic Toxicology
3 LINCY LUKOSE Poisoning by combination of various common edible foods and their effects on human body Forensic Toxicology
4 NEHA ALEX Detection of DDT in various brands Peanut Butter by GC Forensic Toxicology
5 SHYNY SHAJI Comparison of nicotine in chocolates Forensic Toxicology
6 VAISAKHI REMASH Analysis of poisonous plants Laportea interupta by using IR spectroscopy Forensic Toxicology
7 AJIN RAJAN Assesment of toxins in tattoo ink based on their colour Forensic Toxicology
8 K A AMINA Effect of Crustacean with Vitamin C & Effects of Fiza and Melacare with Environmental Factors Forensic Toxicology
9 ELAN THOMAS Fatal Datura Poisioning in Edibles by TLC/ UV Visible Spectrophotometer Forensic Toxicology
10 KORUKONDA SAI PAVAN VENKATA MANIKANTA Effects of Androgenic& Anabolic steroids on Human Body Forensic Toxicology
11 BANDI CINDY KISHORAH Determination of organophosphorus compounds. Forensic Toxicology
12 MEGHA T M Quantitative and Qualitative analysis of Food Colourant in Candy. Forensic Toxicology
13 DIA RENJITH Estimation of drugs present from tears Forensic Toxicology
14 ATHIRA JOSEPH Tobacco Somking, Alcohal abuse, Use of illicit Drugs - Among College Students in Kannur Kerala Forensic Toxicology
15 GAUTHAM M statistical analysis of use of illegal drugs and trafficking in Ernakulam district Forensic Toxicology
16 AKSHAY DEV.K.A Statistical study on drunk and drive, hit and run cases in Alappuzha dist. Forensic Toxicology
17 GAYATHRI.M Identification of N,N-Dimethyl Tryptamine(DMT) in Blood Samples. Forensic Toxicology
1 YEDLA PRIYANKA To analyze the statistical analysis of Unnatural death in Rajahmundry, under II- Town police station during 2016-2019 Forensic Medicine
2 ANISHA Study and statistical Analysis of unnatural death in Kollam District in the Last 5 Years Forensic Medicine
3 AKUMARTHI BHUMIKA THERESA Forensic Analysis of Ligature patterns in suicidal hangings Forensic Medicine
4 EAGALA DURGA NANDINI Statistical analysis of homicides due grievious injuries Forensic Medicine
5 RENJITH THAMARAKSHAN Analysis of injuries, injury patterns in road accidents cases Forensic Medicine
1 CATHERINE CLEETUS Examination and analysis of various features on vehicle registration plates Forensic Physics
2 KARTHIK O K Blood stain patterns on different cotton materials: The effect of drop volume, dropping height and impact angle Forensic Physics
3 SIBIYA THOMAS Analysis of types of soils and its comparision Forensic Physics
4 SHIMNI V Statistical analysis and comparison of accidental cases in the year 2018 and 2019 Malappuram, Kerala. Forensic Physics