The ADITYA GLOBAL EMINENT'S BOARD comprises, as its members, persons with original, innovative, and pioneering traits. They offer their expert opinions and guidance in our present enterprise. Thus persons of this caliber and potential help replicate thousands of students.

The commonalities in these illustrious persons include self-propulsion, unflinching devotion to their goals and direction-setting to lakhs of people.

Sri K. Raghu

Shri K. Raghu, M. Pharmacy Chairman, Ind-Barath Group of Companies

Commissioning of first Biomass and gas based power plants in private sector in the state of A.P with the privilege of first 'third party sale of power'. Starting with a 6 MW Biomass plant, the Group has expanded into Hydel, Natural Gas and Coal with a capacity of 695 MW in operation and the installed capacity of the Power Plants of the Group would be about 3600 MW by 2015 Having started his career as Executive Director in Siris group of companies, with his in-built leadership qualities he made himself a successful industrialist.

Sri M.V. Subba Rao

Shri M.V. Subba Rao, Head - Operations & Maintenance, Reliance Industries Ltd., Kakinada

Shri Subba Rao has 30 years experience in serving the Oil & Gas Industry. He is the prime team member in Cryogenic technology gas based LPG in India and First Gas Sweetening Plant in India.

Reliance is ranked with # 99 on Fortune Global 500 List. The infrastructure of the company proudly says that Petrochemical product storage capacity with a 70000 Kl was constructed

Sri N.V.S. Reddy

Shri N.V.S. Reddy, Managing Director, Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd

Known for his financial acumen and managerial ingenuity, Shri Reddy is both starter and runner of several projects including turning around of Power Distribution Company. He is at ease with public sector, private sector, and PPUs and PSUs. He is heading the mega Hyderabad Metro Rail project (72 km). Implementation of this project with an estimated cost of about US $2.7 billion (`14,132 crore) under public private partnership (PPP) with innovative financial engineering.

Sri Krishna Bodanapu

Shri Krishna Bodanapu, B.S (Elec), M.B.A. President and COO, Infotech Enterprises

Shri Krishna Bodanapu is the blend of conventional strategy backed by deep commitment and youthful dynamism supported by best education. At Infotech he is primarily responsible for identifying new growth opportunities and extending current service offerings to new markets, on top of sharing the helm. Having worked at executive level prior to and after joining Infotech, he gained the acumen for administration.

Sri N.Venkata Reddy

Shri N.Venkata Reddy, Managing Director, Sri Ramadas Paper Boards Pvt Ltd, Rajahmundry

Shri N.V.Reddy carries a quiet and un-pompous personality. For a Business Promoter, Entrepreneur, and Administrator he looks simple, down-to-earth and yet carries the flag high. Behind the unassuming behaviour lies the shrewd, inquiring and capitalizing mastermind. Having started from a scratch but on a point of ambition, his workshops, 40 TPD, 120 TPD paper mills are runway success.

Sri Pasala Krishna Rao

Shri Pasala Krishna Rao, M.E., M.B.A., Group General Manager (Drilling) and Asset Manager, Rajahmundry Asset, ONGC LTD

He ably achieves targeted performance parameters of Production, Drilling & Work over of wells and Inventory control. His experience spans over 31 years and recognition is much more by the awards Young Executive of the year 1990 and Manager of the year 2007. He is a good golfer.

ONGC has been ranked # 357 among fortune 500 companies. It is one of the largest Asia based oil and Gas exploration and production companies and produces 72% of Indian crude oil.

Sri G.S.N. Reddy

Shri G.S.N. Reddy, B.E (Elect) Vice President - Manufacturing, Coromandel International Ltd, Visakhapatnam

If you wish to find a person with multi-tasking-managerialskills, enterprising ability to grow unstopped and literary pursuits as pastime, you are not far away from Shri G.S.N.Reddy. Management assignments at different work locations gave him the versatility. He is a sportsman, too. Coromandel was ranked # 16 in the list of best companies to work for in India as per survey conducted by Business Today 2009.

Dr. B. P.Reddy

Dr. B.Parthasaradhy Reddy, M.Sc., Ph.D., CMD Hetero Group

Known as a Scientist and expert in chemistry with a sharp intellect and with a step into future, Dr. Reddy is responsible for discovery of new process, cost effective schemes for manufacturing various pharmaceutical products. In 1993 Hetero started as a small unit - today it stands tall with 18 manufacturing units and 10000 employees and with marketing presence in over 100 countries. Hetero has revenue around $ 1 Billion and reported a profit of $ 100 million in last year. He built up this entire organization having come out from Reddy Labs.