N. SATISH REDDY, Vice-Chairman

"Clarity in Vision" delineates Management Students from others in that Management Student serves as the hub of activity - be it in business, be it in industry or be it in professional teaching. Sometimes, I wonder if B-Schools are able to produce as many quality Management Students as the employment sector requires. This is what made us bring our heads together and out comes ADITYA GLOBAL BUSINESS SCHOOL.

I have had my M.B.A from Australia and I have moved about a few other institutions to study deeper into the aspects of administration. My exposure serves as the practical link between what is expected of a Management student and what a B-School has to offer.

To one who knows the history of ADITYA, one who appreciates our insistent drive to be accountable to parents-all-around, and one who followed our dynamics of success, it is easy to visualize success also with B-SCHOOL. And parents should note this: B-SCHOOL makes a difference in the lives of their children and themselves and we are here to take them to their goals.