Entrepreneurship Development Cell

In Aditya Global Business School to develop institutional mechanism to create entrepreneurial culture, part of our curriculum itself students are learning about business, innovation and entrepreneurship. The degree provides the skills required to develop entrepreneurial ideas into successful new ventures, or work within existing businesses in an innovative way by our students.

The basic aim of Entrepreneurship Cell, AGBS Surampalem is to encourage college-level students throughout the nation to start their own enterprise. There is a strong vision and dedication to achieve this aim, which it intends to do by the following initiatives:

  • Organising Workshops and Lectures periodically to create awareness about entrepreneurship.
  • Functioning as a guide for students with creative ideas which can be transformed into successful companies.
  • Providing Mentorship through individuals for students launching their start-ups.
  • Having realised the fulfilment of the aim of 'Promoting starting up', Services Programme, etc.