Children’s are the real heroes of future. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru once said, “The children of today will make India outshine with a better tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country.”. The Chief Guest  of the day sister B.K.SWAROOPA DEVI  Counsellor and consultant and Positive Personality Transformer, an associate with the Brahma Kumari world Spiritual University, motivated high school  students on the  values and morals of humanity in the morning session. During her class the whole atmosphere became calm and peaceful. She advised students to check themselves and they need to get  the  blessings from Parents,Teachers,Elders,School,Nature,Time,Workers,Ourselves and finally God,If  One wants to be  successful or wealthy or achieve their goals. A person should always think positive and give positive energy.  “A student should always soar like a kite as high as possible and do not feel disappointed about it’s fall “. Her inspirational words inspired each and every one present and made the whole  gathering   calm and composed.She also made the students to meditate and think about a lotus which is born out of mud but still looks fresh and beautiful from outside.

                             In the afternoon session sister B.K.SWAROOPA DEVI addressed the  Primary School kids giving them morals like  never give up in the life, Helping each other ,Respecting each other, Encouraging each other and Do not underestimate one’s capabilities.She also counselled the students to be Respectful towards nature and get blessings from it. As a part of celebration the kids performed a tribute to Nehru family, songs were sung on Nehru, to boost up excersice PE dance programme was also held.To build up Talent and to improvise the speaking skills and artistic skills for the all the Primary & IITstudents various competitions  were held like Essay writing,Story telling,Reciting poems, Debates and group discussions. Other cultural programmes including national songs, patriotic songs, speeches were also organized.Later in the programme  prizes were distributed to the winners of the competitions.The IIT students were also awarded to the toppers in  Academics and to Class room performers. The WOW project Trophys were also awarded to the students who contributed  more than 50 kgs in the Recycling process.

On this occasion the Primary Principal Mrs. Lakshmidevi said, Children are the most treasured possessions on earth. Childhood is always special for everyone. Innocent smile on their face conquers the heart of mankind. Children should remember Pundit Nehru’s sacrifices, contributions towards country, achievements  in International politics and peace efforts. The IIT Principal Mr. Ramesh congratulated the winners.


















































































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