India’s strength lies in its diversity and Republic Day is a celebration of this pluralistic ethos. The 75th Republic day honorable commemorations of myraid cultures, languages and traditions were showcased, at Aditya School, Srinagar, Kakinada. The premises was filled with pride and patriotism.
Republic day marks the culmination of India’s struggle for Independence and the dawn of a new era.
On this regard, the Principal Mr. T. Ramesh and Vice Principal Mrs. Vijaya Umapathi, were lined up with a high consummate guard of honour to the stage.
The programme was commenced with kindling lamp by the elite of the day. Our tiny tots mesmerized the children with their melodious Vandemathram prayer. The patriotism was filled in the hearts of young minds with the unfurling of tri colour flag by the principal Mr. T. Ramesh.
The student of class IX master praneeth, Sruthi and Divya samhitha enlightened the young minds with their speeches. The gathering was fascinated with the words of Mrs. Vasundara, Social Studies faculty.
The gathering was reminded to imbibe the duties perfectly for their future endeavours by Principal Mr. T. Ramesh.
The flawless gathering was ebullient when they witnessed a wonderful dance and a pyramid formations. The thriving event came to an end with a power packed dance performance for a patriotic song.

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