Sree Arts Cultural Competition@apsamp

Hurrah! Adityans proved again Our Adityans took part in the 19th State Level Coloring Competition-2016 Organized by Sree Arts Cultural Association Hyderabad and proved their artistic skill by winning Gold,Silver and Bronze Medals.The winners are :-
Vihari of U.K.G, K.Sri Ram Satwik of IV class, G.Sudhwin of VIstd got Gold Medals, Gowtham of L.K.G, Grace of L.K.G, Jashuva Of IIIstd, Siri Lasya Priya of VIstd, Meena Padma Siri of VIstd got Silver medals and Venkat of L.K.G, Swaroop Of U.K.G, Geethika Of IIIstd, Vamsi of VIstd, Veda Vikas of VIstd got Bronze Medals.
The Principal and Vice Principal appreciated the Students and Congratulated them.


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