Guest Lecture on Digital Economy –B2C- Demonitisation, Financial Issues and Marketing Challenges in Aditya Global Business School




Today, a guest lecture has been held at Aditya Global Business School, Surampalem by Professor PSR Murty, Adjunct Professor, University of Madras. Professor Murty addressed this lecture to PGDM, Global MBA Students. Various Financial Challenges after demonetization and due to digitalization was discussed and new openings in the marketing and its challenges were also discussed in his lecture. He observed that the Indian Economy was raised by 7% after demagnetization and Gross Value Added is showing an increasing tendency, particularly in Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing, Electicity, Gas, Transportation, Public Administration etc., from Quarter – II to Quarter – III in 2016-17.
Business to Business and Business to Customer models are also elaborated in his guest lecture. Director of the Business School Dr.Suguna Reddy appreciated the works done by Prof. Murty. Principal Dr.Visalakshmi, Prof. Meherji and other Faculty members presented in the session.

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