International Yoga Day @ APSPTP

Aditya School, Pithauram celebrated astounding yoga day (21-06-2017):

Adtiya School, pithapuram got the ball roll on conducting Yoga Day in the school auditorium. The program started with kindling the lamp and followed by speeches, performing yoga asanas etc.

Mr. N. Srinivas Garu, the Yoga guru, Sri. Surreddy Garu, the Retd. Head Master and Sri. Rama Chandrarao Garu, the member of RSS are great hands of the occasion.

Sri T. Ramesh Garu, The Principal of Aditya School, Pithapuram broke the ice by saying the importance of Yoga day. The students are asked to devote some time for yoga not just for one day but it should be a continuous process.

Later, N. Srinivas Reddy Garu addressed the students that yoga makes a person as fit as fiddle and get ride of the health issues.

The Surreddy Garu shared his wonderful experiences in doing yoga and meditation.

Then later, Ramachandra Rao Garu taught and performed some asanas to the students related to joint pains, blood circulation, good concentration, growth development etc.

Finally the programme is concluded with vote of thanks and oath.

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