BLIZZARD- THE CULTURAL FEST -2020  of Aditya School G.Mamidada was celebrated with great pomp and gaiety. It feasted the eyes of spectators with colourful lights, advanced sound system, beautifully decorated dias with flowers & balloons furthermore the sterling performances of Adityan stars in posh attires.

          The presence of Mr.N.Sesha Reddy (the chairman of Aditya Institutions), Mr.Sathi Suryanarayana Reddy,M.L.A(Chief guest), Mrs.Adhi lakshmi(w/o Mr.Sathi Suryanarayana Reddy,M.L.A,Anaparthy) (Guest of Honour),Mr.R. Narayana  Murthy  (Actor,Director, and producer of Revolutionary Films) ,Mr. J.Subba Reddy(Chairman of market committee) added much more grandeur to the charm of the Dias. The Programme was started with dance performance of class 9th girls dressed in Telugu Traditional and Culture, which swung the spectators in spiritual world.

          After lighting the lamp ,Chief Guest Mr.Sathi Suryanarayana Reddy,M.L.A of Anaparthi, praised the discipline and thanked Aditya for providing International standards in rural areas. Mr.R. Narayana Murthy praised the communication skills and General knowledge after getting all correct answers for his instantaneous test. Some parents improvised that they are much satisfied with the curricular and co curricular activities and also admired the ways of nurturing the banking students. 

         Finesse, the Principal MR. V. Rajesh concised the Annual review . It followed by dignifying all the dignitaries on the Dias with felicitation and memento presentation by Chairman Mr.N. Sesha Reddy. Chief Guest distributed prizes to the winners of various competitions. The announcement of cultural events was electrified the spectators. The cute movements of LKG cygnets in finery made all of us astonish.The funny conversations of Anchors dressed in Yamadharma Raja, Chitra Gupta, Narada and others took the spectators to another world.Funny skit drenched in amusement. Spiritual, Cultural, modern, Western, dance performances mesmerized the spectators.

        Parents could not believe their eyes when they saw their children performance on the stage. The festivity won the hearts and imprinted indelible, incomparable memory in the minds of every attendant.

        Chairman Mr. N. Sesha Reddy appreciated all the staff members for the grand successof Blizzard




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