Our Adityans have proved their ability in many competitions and bagged Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals and State I & II ranks & were awarded with Pierre cardin Pens.

                                                                Brilliant Performance !

In the International Social Studies Olympiad – 2017 Organised by Silver Zone Foundation the Winners are 

1.B.J.S.Ratnam of IIIstd     – Gold Medal

2. K.Chaitanya of Vstd      –  Gold Medal

3. M.S.Saran Chandra of VI std    –  Gold Medal & State 2nd Rank

4. Ch. Praneeth of VIIstd     – Gold Medal & State 2nd Rank

5. T.Sai Yeswanth of Xstd    –  Gold Medal & State 1st Rank

6.Y.Surya of VIstd     – Silver Medal & State 3rd Rank

7. P.B.V.Ganesh of Xstd       – Silver Medal & State 2nd Rank

8. J.D.V.Subhash of Xstd       –  Silver Medal & State 2nd Rank

9. A.Vinay of Xstd     – Silver Medal & State 2nd Rank

10.G.Naveen Prakash of Xstd    – Silver Medal & State 2nd Rank

11. G.S.Akshaya of VIstd and T.Tejaswi of Xstd –  Bronze Medals.

In Smart Kid G.K Olympiad the Winners are
K.Chaitanya of Vstd , T.Amrutha of VIstd, N.Teja of VIIstd,G.Vybhav of VIIIstd State 2nd Rank, K.Satwik & D.Sravya of IXstd, B.Jahnavi of Xstd Won Gold Medals, Y.Varun Sai of VIIIstd,D.Mahalakshmi of IXstd, G.Lavanya of Xstd Got Silver Medals,and T.Satya Sai Sanjay of VIIIstd, D.Likhith of IXstd, J.S.Aditya Susharma, M.Eswar, V.Kumar Mukthilingam,B.Rohith Balaji & P.Joseph Mithra of Xstd Won Bronze Medals.

  Marvellous Performance in IMO

In International Mathematics Olympiad ( 2017-2018) Organised by SOF our students Participated and proved their ability by securing Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. The Following are the winners.

Y.J.V.Harika of III std, K. Pardhu Sriram of IVstd, B.Sai Siri of VIIIstd got Gold Medals. A.V.Sriram & A.S.P Avinash of IVstd won Silver Medals and P.S.Ashika, P. Amrutha Varshini and P.Shanmitha of IVstd got Bronze Medals.

The Principal and the Vice Principal appreciated the talent exhibited by the winners and congratulated them.


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