The exclusive show of expression Theme Talk echoed with an Illustration ‘Illness ‘n’ care’ at the platform of presentation by Std.VIII Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz students. They gave diagnostic methods for dangerous and chronic diseases like blood pressure, Diabetes, fatty liver, Malaria, Typhoid, Polio, Ring worm, Kidney Failure ….etc. They interacted with their parents and shared the causes, symptoms, remedial methods and preventive measures   Which created thought at the parents.  They expressed that they had  a wondrous vision of expression from their lovable children. They added in their talk, it was the event where they got the way to see their child’s performance with direct perception.  They expressed happiness with their feedback. Principal Smt.B.Supraja Rani interacted with them and explained the aim behind organizing Theme Talk. All the students have been awarded certificates of appreciation.


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