LIVE AND LET LIVE”. This proverb conveys that all the things with life have the right to live on this Mother land. But during the past centuries there had been a disasters change in the environment. This is due to the immoral activities of the human. Realizing the situation and as the socio responsible citizens the NSS team of Aditya under the supervision of Sri.B.E.V.L Naidu, a humane, organized an awareness program to make the students to understand the necessity of using Eco Friendly products. The President of Darithri Rakshitha Samithi and the Coastal Regulatory Zone, State member Smt.S.Surekha was invited as a Resource person to the program. Addressing the students she stated that irresponsibility and carelessness of the mankind towards the environment had caused Global Warming, pollution and other dangerous natural disturbances.  She also quoted the disadvantages of using plastics and of the things that release Chloro Floro carbons into the air. To avoid the natural disturbances she suggested the students to plant more number of saplings and to use Eco friendly things like Seed pens, the cloth bags that can be made out of old clothes etc. Sri N.Sesha Reddy, Chairman; Sri N.Krishna Deepak Reddy, Secretary appreciated the NSS team for conducting this program. Sri B.E.V.L. Naidu, Academic Co-ordinator, Sri Ch.V.V.Satyanarayana, Vice-Principal; Sri N.Murthy, Incharge; Sri T.Tejeswararao, Sri L.Diwakararao, NSS program Officers and students participated in this program.







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