Child fest @ aditya jagannaickpur

Child fest @ aditya jagannaickpur

Tickling Gala of Child Fest has been held at our Beautiful Campus in an enthusiastic and joyful way. On the Eve of Nov – 14 th Aditya JK pur Celebrated it’s extravaganza on 12/11/14. It included great fun in the form of several Creative one minute games. There are temping food items and an excellent F.M which rejoiced all the Children and their Parents.

          Visitors appreciated the excellence of the excellence of the organisation. Skills of the host. Mini bazar attracted Most of the woman and girls. All the hands of the girls were Coloured by Mehandi.

          This grand programme was inaugarated by the young Director Smt. Sruthi Reddy madam and was excellently organized by the dynamic Principal M. Sujatha madam.

          The main aim of this Child fest is to motivate Children towards helping the needy. “The fun had a great donation behind“ . Every penny the Adityans spend in this “Child fest” is going to be donated to the people who are in need.

          “Aditya ” took it’s pride in showing it’s humanity by helping the needy and also spread it’s idea to the young Adityans through this fest.

          This Celebration is going to be an inspiration for future and a most memorable moment for every Aditya.

          School Director Smt. Sruthi madam , Principal M. Sujatha madam appreciated the event organizers, Children and parents for their Charity and Support.

          “ Help always pays Gratitude” ……….. The journey has started ………. It will Continue……….”


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