A program on Awareness on Corona Disease and the distribution of Free Medicine was organized under the behest of NSS teams at Aditya Degree College, Kakinada. The President of the program Dr.B.E.V.L Naidu, Academic Director, Aditya Degree & P.G.Colleges stated that CORONA is a group of viruses that effect the mammals and the birds in the Respiratory Track near Bronchi. In the recent days it was first identified in China and then started spreading to different Countries and Places in the World with its terrific effects taking the lives of the people. Because of this hazardous consequence people and the students in the society should be aware of the disease to avoid the infection and this can only be done through many awareness programs as such. The Chief Guest of the program Dr.Saladi SuryaKiran, Sri Surya Chandra Homeo Hospital, stated that this CORONA virus transmits from the Animals to the human beings and fever & running nose are its symptoms. It lightly shows the symptoms of Pneumonia and to prevent this proper food habits and maintaining proper immunity in the body is necessary. He also stated that the people should take suggestions from the Doctors even if they get effected with simple illness without neglecting for a period of time to prevent the disease. Later free medicine to prevent CORONA virus is distributed to the students, the faculty and the Staff and the dosage to be taken is explained.

Dr. N.Sesha Reddy, Chairman, Sri.N.Krishna Deepak Reddy, Secretary, Aditya Educational Institutions appreciated the NSS teams. The Vice Principal, Sri.Ch.V.V.Satyanarayana, NSS program officers Sri.T.Tejeswararao, Sri L.Diwakararao and the students participated.

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