”  Science for the people and People for the science

Performance   is  only  touchstone  for  real  progress.

 Ideas   have  to  be translated  into  tangible  realities.”

Aditya Talent School, celebrated National Science day, The day is observed every year to commemorate the discovery of the ‘Raman Effect’ by Sir C.V. Raman on 28 February 1928 the Nobel Laureate and the Bharat Ratna for his legacy , in Indian Physics. His discovery won him the Nobel prize and inspired a whole generation of Indians. On this day, Our students observed and remembered the untiring efforts, dedication and determination of our scientific community.  Significance of science, The theme for National Science Day 2020  ” Women  in  Science “ ,speech  about  the legend, his contributions and achievements  in  the field of Physics. Other Eminent Scientists like ABJ Adbul Kalam, K.Sivan chairman of ISRO, Vikram Sarabhai, Edison, Enisten, Newton, and few more were recalled about  their Reflections and Inventions  in the domain of science. Students of all grades actively participated in various science concepts  and  performed  few fun  & simple  experiments. Science day  was observed  for a week in the campus. Talented Adityan’s  showcased experiments showing center of gravity with balloons, conduction of heat, need of oxygen for burning, rocket balloon, rain water harvesting, pollution control, security  laser, flowers of garden , global warming,  properties of air ,and a few more….

Speaking on this occasion, Primary Principal wished all the students and advised the students to continue to further  their  knowledge in science and  reach the heights of the Supremacy of  Scientism . The  young  generation of the country, to come up with new ideas and innovations and contribute to the Indian growth story.  .

Later in the programme students received appreciation certificates for their active participation in exhibiting models. On the occasion of science day, Elocution  on the topics of science & technology  was conducted  for grades 3-6. The winners of  the competition were  awarded certificates & pens.




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