Heart-filling Harvesting Festival celebrations @ apssri

Aditya School, Srinagar bowed to the power of nature and invited Makara Sankranthi to the campus with pomp and grandeur. The prominent festival was celebrated with great enthusiasm and religious fervor following all the traditional rituals.

The Principal Mr. Thota Ramesh greeted the staff, and students, and conveyed his warm wishes to the parents. The guests of the occasion Ex-Mayor Mrs. Siva Prasanna Sagar Sunkara and Mrs. Sujatha Sai Nallabilli graced the event by lighting a bonfire made of wood and cow dung and marked Bhogi. The beauty of the festival was enhanced by the festival wishes from the Vice Principal Mrs. Vijaya Umapathi and the Academic in charge Mrs. S. Rajani.

AdityaSrinagar campus resembled a village atmosphere with embellished decorations, bullock carts, and rangoli designs. Haridasu’s melodious rendition brought a new beginning to the souls of listeners. The students of Aditya Srinagar witnessed the true essence of Pongal celebrations. The cultural programs of the students and the one-minute games conducted became highlights of the occasion. The traditional dish was also prepared by the teachers using the new harvest rice, milk, and jaggery to mark Pongal which means to boil or to overflow.  The rustic charm and vibrant festivity ended with the smiles of the students being doubled with the distribution of sweets.

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