Christmas celebrations @ Aditya School – G.Mamidada

Christmas celebrations were done in our school in a grand scale. Special guests Mr. J. David Wilson who is a
pastor in IFP church at Chintapalli lock and Mr. Rev. S. John Davis who is also working a pastor, an incharge
in TTL and co-ordinator in ICBC christian organisations made the event a memorable one. Speaking on this
occasion Principal Mr. V. Rajesh said that the festivals are celebrated in school to learn the customs and
culture. Mr. J. David Wilson told to children that Christmas is celebrated all over the world as the birthday of
Jesus Christ. He was born as a human to save all of us from our sins. Mr. Rev. S. John Davis spoke to
children that Christmas is not a community, its a way for all to lead a good life. Later the program went to bit high
with chidren’s cultural acitivities. Finally the children were very excited and delighted as the gifts were
distributed by Santa Clause.


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