Scintillating Sankranthi Celebrations in Aditya School, Pithapuram.

Pithapuram, 11-01-2017 : Aditya School has conducted sankranthi Celebrations in a fantabulous manner. The school is crowded with colourful gathering of parents and children. This event is reminded our culture, tradition and rituals. In connection with the occasion, the entire school is traditionally decorated with perfumed blossoms and mango boughs.

The Bhogi fire is the special attraction of the eve. And numerous games are designed and conducted especially for parents such as Rangoli, Vegetable Carving, Spoonling Game, Tingo Bangles etc.

Most of the parents actively took part in the event and expressed their utmost happiness. They have congratulated the management and the teachers for conducting such a wonderful programme.

The esteemed guests are G. Subrahmanyam Garu, M.E.O of Pithaupram, M.V.K. Madhavi Garu, Dy.E.E, Municipal Office, Pithapuram, K. Surya Prakash Garu, Chairman of Padagaya, T. Kalyani Garu, The President of Lioness Club, Pithapuram. They have shared their views.

Collaboration and coordination among the management, teachers and the parents made this event a grand success and brought the real flavor of family atmosphere in the school grounds.

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