BM-4 attended to Industrial Visit to the company called as TRIVENI GLASS WORKS LIMITED located in Gowripatnam of Devarapalli mandal.


About the company:
Triveni Glass Works Limited established on 15th December 1971 and started production on December 1976 was established by Mr. Deva Nand Agrawal is the first person who brought the technology of glass manufacture for automobiles and founded in Allahabad initially in 1956. He acted as Managing Director and Chairman of his company. In 1993, they started their operations in Devarapalli.

About our visit:
We have entered into company at 1:30pm and visited the raw material warehousing unit for making glass.


They get the raw materials from districts of states AP & Telangana. They‘ll import Silica Sand from Nalgonda district of Telangana and Limestone & Dolomite from Rayalaseema area in Andhra Pradesh.

They imported the first machine in 1993 and second in 2010 from Germany.

Raw Material Warehousing:
Approximately 150 tonnes of Silica Sand, 120 tonnes of Quartz Sand, 20 tonnes of Limestone and 25 tonnes of Dolomite is there in their godown.
Then we visited machinery and shown by their Management Information System Engineer Mr. Chaitanya

Production Process:

They have two different plants G1 & G2. G1 is the coloured glass and G2 is the non-coloured glass.

The width of the glass in G1 plant is 4 square feet and the width of the glass in G2 plant is 8 square feet
They load the raw material of glasses into batch charger. Then it goes from the batch charger to the melting chamber which will have 1500 degrees centigrade. After melting of this material, it reduces the temperature to 1100 degrees centigrade and passes to the rollers. These rollers are of two kinds. The roller which is above is a plain roller and the roller at which is at bottom is a designer roller. At these rollers, the temperature is noted as 700-800 degrees centigrade.
When the manufacturing product came to an end, it will in 70 degrees centigrade and there will be an air blower from the top and bottom of the table to cool it to room temperature.
The factory operates 24/7 in 3 shifts.

HR Department:
150 employees are currently working there, 50 employees per shift. They outsource the remaining employees on contract basis. Approximately 75 contract employees are working currently

Marketing of glass:
The cost for manufacturing of 1sqft is Rs.45 and sells in retail for Rs.75.
Figured Glass that Triveni manufactures can be tempered and has been exported to various countries like Italy, France, Tunisia, South Africa, Australia, , Sudan, Madagascar, , Yemen, Indonesia, Malaysia, SriLanka, Bangladesh, U.A.E, , Bahrain, Kuwait etc. They will also supply to local retailers in India.

Finished goods warehousing:
They have approximately 100 to

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