NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY @ aiits & apsamp2

National Science Day is celebrated at  AIITS-ADITYA TALENT SCHOOL with great  enthusiasm  in order to commemorate the invention of the RAMAN EFFECT  in India by the Indian physicist, Sir Chandra Sekhara Venkata Raman. For his great success in the field of Science in India, the Programme of this occasion started by garlanding  the portrait of Sir C.V. Raman by our School Principals Mr.Ramesh and Mrs.Lakshmi Devi. The primary students gave the significance of Science. Students of IIT gave a brief  note on biography & the  achievements in Science. Later experiments based on acids & bases, Working of windmill, soil absorption,Pascals Law,hydrolic machine,water fountain,Automatic car,Morse code etc were demonstrated by the students.The blood pressure Test was also taken for the staff through the Automatic BP machine.

The Theme of the year 2017 is “ SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY FOR SPECIALLY ABLED PERSONS “ was also informed to the gathering. Overall it was a thought provoking & experimental show  by the science department teachers.The Principals applauded the efforts of the teachers & students.

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20170227_084741                         20170227_085325


20170228_090029                        20170228_090240


20170228_090648                         20170228_091413


20170228_103212                         20170228_105614


20170228_110132                        20170228_115257


20170228_134928                          20170228_135058


20170228_151254                       20170228_151510


20170228_152046                       20170228_154221



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