21st June is observed as INTER NATIONAL YOGA DAY. Yoga is the art work of awareness on the canvas of body, mind and art. It is a boon the human personality, physical fitness, mentally alert and emotionally balanced.  The students were made to perform some of the ashanas and suggested to practice it in daily life to make the mind and soul peaceful and positive.

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INTER NATIONAL MUSIC Day – without Music life would be a mistake, people haven’t  always been  there for us but music always has for us. So June 21st has been designated as the Worlds Music Day, a day the world celebrates the magical gift of music. Its origin lies in France  1976, by American musician Joel Cohen.


Today it is also observed as the LONGEST DAY OF THE YEAR. The children were given information about this day. The world is filled with wonders  June 21st 2017 has another importance which occurs rarely. The longest day of the year which has the day time of 13 hours 7 mins it occurred in 1975 earlier and will happen again in 2203 year, so today we will enjoy a Long Day with Music and Yoga.

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