The International Yoga Day & The World Music Day@apsamp

June -21st The International Yoga Day & The World Music Day
The International Yoga Day and The World Music Day were celebrated with fitness and entertainment as motto.
Students presented the importance of Yogasanas and their health benefits. Various asanas were exhibited by the students Skilfully like Surya Namaskaras, Vajrasana,Padmasana, Pavanamukthasana, Gomukhasana and so on.
The Significance of world Music Day to promote Peace and Goodwill was presented. Songs both Classical and Light Music were sung melodiously in different languages like English, Spanish, Malayalam. Annamacharya Keerthanas & Classical songs made everyone Spellbound.
The Principal appreciated the talents exhibited by the students and stressed the need for fitness to keep healthy and to learn music for enjoyment and stress free life.



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