14th November Celebrations were held in a big way at Aditya School, Palakollu. Sri Arumilli Chandra Sekhar, the rural CI of police, Palakollu was invited as the chief guest of the day. In his addressing speech, he made it clear that today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. He advocated them to fix up a high target to strive for it. The director, Aditya Schools & College palakollu, Sri S.V.Raghava Reddy presided over the function. He exemplified how a child is taken care of. He cited the phenomenon, how the young ones f cat, monkey and cow are taken care of. He urged the students to take part in the development of the nation by creating wonders in their fields. As a part of the celebrations pigeons were flown. Gold, Silver, Bronze medals of the national wide competitions and project works medals were given to all the 140 winners through the hands of the chief guest. Prizes were given away to all the 150 winners who participated in games and sports conducted in connection with the celebrations. The Principal Sri K.Sai Krishna, staff, non teaching staff, parents and students participated in the celebrations. The cultural programmes by students entertained everyone.

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