After successful completion of Phase I by May 26th, Phase II started from 27th till 31st.First two days conducted classes for teachers to enrich who are dealing with Computers, ABACUS,IKEN and KARADI PATH (Pre-Primary & I-II classes) in Aditya School-Srinagar. All teachers dealing the above subjects from different Aditya Schools participated actively and took the advantage of the classes.

May 29th &30th, Smt.Ramani, Principal,Aditya School, Srinagar conducted full day sessions- one day for Language Teachers and other day Non-Language Teachers regarding “Re-Thinking and Re-Linking of methodology for regular class room teaching”. Various points discussed were as follows:


  • Professional Skills
  • Quality Teaching
  • AIM of Teaching
  • CCE pattern
  • For Language Teachers how to improve Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing skills (LSRW) of the student
  • Deriving Aims & Objectives
  • Minimum Teaching Programme
  • Extensive level of Learning through Comprehensive Teaching
  • Ultimate Objective of learning like :Knowledge, Understanding, Application, Skills i.e., Individual and Life Skills.
  • Academic Standards
  • Common Competitive Aptitude Test(CCAT)
  • Examination Question Papers Blue Print
  • How Management is supporting by providing smart classes, Maps, Lab equipments etc.,
  • Played some inspiring video clippings related to the content.

On 31st May,Closing ceremony and Prize distribution held. Hon’ble Chief Guest Smt. SATYA VANI, Convener of “Bharateeyam addressed teachers gathering with

her inspirational speech “Motivation on Professional Dignity & Commitment”. Highlighted the importance of the Teaching Profession in Society and the Dignity associated with it. Also spoke about Human values, Ethics in ancient Vedas, Puranas which are related to 20160531_103340Teaching Profession.

Coming to Prize distribution, the teachers who professionally presented Seminars and successful Teams in Quiz competitions in all subjects were appreciated and given prizes.



Smt. Shruthi Reddy, Aditya Group of Schools Director, wished all the teachers to make this Academic Year 2016-17 a successful one with the inputs taken from this 11 days TEACHING ENRICHMENT PROGRAMME.





Along with Smt. Shruthi Reddy, Smt.Satya Vani also Aditya School Principals Smt.Ramani, Smt.Sujatha, Smt.Jaya Lakshmi, Sri Rajesh and Sri Ramesh participated in the Prize distribution event.

Successfully the entire TEACHING ENRICHMENT PROGRAMME came to an end with the co-ordination of Smt.Ramani,Principal, Aditya Public School, Srinagar and she appreciated her team mates Smt. Sri Lakshmi and Smt. Yamuna

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