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ADITYA SCHOOL, PITHAPURAM Celebrates astounding International Yoga Day

In connection with International Yoga Day, aditya school hit the nail on the head by conducting yoga classes for 10th Class children in the evening session at school campus. The programme started with prayer song and followed by garlanding the portrait of Bharata Matha.

Sri Ramachandra Rao garu, the member of RSS and Sri V. Chalamaiah Garu, the yoga guru are the great hands of this occasion.

Sri Murthy, the faculty of Hindi Department broke the ice by saying the importance of International Yoga Day. Later Sri. Ramachandra Rao Garu gava a thought  provoking message that all the students be as fit as fiddle and have bright future which can be possible only through yoga.

Then after, Mr. Ramesh, the Principal of the institution addressed the students that they should avoid the feeling of timelessness and need to devote some time for yoga and Physical exercise. He encouraged them to practice yoga not for one day but it should be continuous process.

Sri. Chalamaiah garu taught and performed some asanas to the students related to joint pains, blood circulation good concentration, growth development etc, with which they followed suit by practicing them.

The certificates are given to the students from A.P Yoga association by the eminence.

Finally the programme ended up with vote of thanks and santhi sloka.

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