The much awaited festival Pongal was celebrated at Aditya  School,Srinagar in a very grand and traditional way on  January 11th 2017 with great festive joy. The main aim behind this celebration is to teach the traditional values to children. The open ground was decorated with Rangoli and also with sugarcane saplings,marigold garlands and mango leaves. The idol of Krishna and colorful butter pots arranged in the ground seemed to be the center of the attraction. The Chief Guest of the celebrations Smt.  Thota Vani,   declared the Sankranthi Celebrations.  Chairman Sri. N.Sesha Reddy and Founder secretary Smt. N.Laxmi Rajyam, one of the directors Smt. N.Suguna Reddy are invited as guest of honours to these celebrations. School students and the staff glimmered in all colors and celebrated the occasion with joyous festivities and rituals. The importance of the celebration should be taught to children through activities. So keeping in this mind different traditional games like Rangoli, Mehandi, Chinthapikkalu,pot painting, one minute games, floral decoration,decorating the idols and stepping the fortune, etc,..were conducted for the mother’s of the students under the able guidance of the principal Smt. M. Ramani with a keen supervision of the vice principal Smt. N. Sridevi Reddy. Time just flew away with the shared happiness. In a nut shell this celebration gave an opportunity for children to understand the purpose of Pongal. Students as well as the teachers had a great time exploring traditional practices and customs.Term-II vacation for students as well as teachers of aps@srinagar started on this happy-note. 

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