The Principal of Aditya Degree College For Women,Kakinada Smt.K.Karuna said that NSS student volunteers of Aditya Degree College For Women organized a rally on World Environment Day.

Sri B.E.V.L.Naidu principal & Academic co-ordinator of Aditya degree & PG colleges has stressed on the importance of Plantation on this eve by saying that it is our responsibility to protect nature.He also said not only spreading the message of environment awareness is enough ,but also each and everyone should actively participate in protecting our environment. He also said we are no longer in a secured and Hygienic environment and we need to plant more and more saplings in order to make it more hygienic and healthy.

Smt. K.Karuna, principal of Aditya Degree College for Women,Kakinada said that we must be cautious about environment, if not our negligence results in the Global warming. She has also said that to prevent such calamities, it is necessary to create awareness among people on pollution, and suggested that students should take this responsibility of creating awareness.She also underscored the importance of planting trees and maintain a clean and green environment. Students participated in large numbers and made the programme successfully.

Sri.N.Deepak Reddy secretary of  Aditya Educational Institutions, appreciated and congratulated the N.S.S volunteers for organizing such programmes.They also stressed the need to promote awarness on the importance of preserving our bio-diversity,the need to identify problem related to the environment and ways to take corrective action.

This programme was also joined by the NSSprogramme officers of Aditya Degree Colleges For Women, Kum.P.Lakshmi Bhuvana and NSS Students of Aditya Degree College For Women joined the rally.





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