Telugu Day And National Sports Day Celebrations@apsamp

Telugu Day Celebrations started with a prayer. Importance of Mother Tongue Telugu to gain knowledge and express our thoughts better was told. Development of Telugu Language to meet the Modern Age was well expressed. Songs and Dances were an added attraction in the programme. Podupu Kathalu and Role play of Telugu Pandit were interesting “ DESA BHASHALANDU TELUGU LESSA” was aptly showcased. The Campaigner of Telugu Vyavaharika Bhasha, Gidugu Ramamurthy’s Contributions were reminisced.
The Birthday of famous Sports Person Dhyan Chand was celebrated as National Sports Day. Introduction to Dhyan Chand and his wonderful achievements were well presented. The significance of sports for fitness and health was given. Information about Ancient Olympic Games and Modern Olympics was given. Depiction of various sports like Hockey, Shuttle Badminton ,Volley Ball, Cricket mesmerized everyone. Roller Scating was a wonderful event which made everyone spellbound.
The Principal appreciated the talents exhibited by the students.Smt.Jayalakshmi adviced that Mother Language is very important for learning any other language. She also Suggested that Sports are necessary for Physical fitness and to refresh their mind and body.


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