Science Day celebrations have been taken place at Aditya school Jkpur with great enthusiasm to honour the invention of the ‘Raman Effect’ by the Indian Physicist Sir. C.V.Raman.     To mark the Science day a productive one our school Director Smt. N.Shruthi Reddy Madam inaugurated “Science Megalio” which resembles greatness of science. Our Young scientists have prepared 55 innovative and thought provoking projects related to Biology and Physics. The creativity and spontaneous demonstration, made the parents and public spell bound. The chief Guest of the occasion Dr. Alapati Srinivas, faculty of law JNTU has touched the hearts of tender Adityans with the role of science in contemporary society at the closing ceremony of Science Megalio. Prizes have been awarded to the champs of the projects. Principal Smt. B.Supraja Rani elevated the Megalio in a grand scale and inculcate scientific thoughts in each and everyone. She congratulated all the participants, their innovative deeds and entire Science department for making the Megalio a Mega success. Vice Principal Smt. Sri Vidhya concluded the program with her closing remarks in a pleasant way which is apt for Megalio.

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